Technical Report: Cylinder Liners

Camisas de Cilindro

Assembly Procedures

Dry Liners

  • Demote the cylinder head height without interference in the housing channel support shirt on the cylinder heads.
  • Before mounting the cylinders liners carefully clean the seats in block checking whether it suffered no deformation.
  • Apply grease to the surface of the cylinder liner. The dried on cylinder liners usually has a measured relative to the cylinder block must be mounted with tight fit.
  • After installation you must accurately measure the diameter of the cylinder liners. The accuracy of the diameter is the brunishing the intern diameter.
  • Dry cylinder liners with collar may not exceed the face of the block should be the same height face or be below no later than 0.10mm.

Process characteristics:

  1. RIC cylinder liners are manufactured entirely in its manufacturing facilities located in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil.
  2. The cylinder liners are made of RIC centrifugation process monitored by spectrometry.
  3. Their machining is performed using CNC lathes and turning centers last generation.

Technical Area